From Humble Beginnings To A Confidante of President Marcos
Celedonio M. Javier

…this is a story of one man’s humble beginnings…

…to becoming a confidante of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos of the Philippines…

“I decided to write this book to provide insights on how a peasant’s son, born of meager means, was able to fulfill his dream of becoming an UNCOMMON MAN. And so the story goes . . .” says the author.

Wittingly woven as a gift for his wife and an enduring legacy to his children and grandchildren, the UNCOMMON MAN is an inspiring memoir of the author’s life in the Philippines.

…containing a myriad of wonderful memories and recollections…

Coming from a family of farmers living in the barrio of Magsalise, in the town of Jaen, Province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines, the author grew up and struggled on his way to finish a degree from one of the best Universities in Manila—learning the musical instrument to secure a scholarship and joining the school band for a free tuition. From that humble beginning, he took a bold step to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

But generally, the UNCOMMON MAN will uncover the extent of his relationship with President Ferdinand E. Marcos—from the time Marcos was elected as the President of the Philippines in 1965, until the time he stepped down from Presidency in 1986. It will reveal how good-natured President Ferdinand E. Marcos was. It will show that no matter how the President wanted to promote infrastructure and development projects in the Philippines, his programs, in most instances failed. They failed because of the lack of cooperation from the Managers overseeing the different agencies of the government. They failed because the Oligarchy surrounding the President had more influence over the implementing “Managers” and would not want the President to succeed.

The line of communication between the President and the author was open at all times inside the Study Room, where he had direct access to the President.